Matrix is bringing care directly to individuals where they work and live

We test in a way that works for you

Matrix offers fast and flexible COVID-19 testing for organizations like yours. We can test your employees at any location, onsite or at home. And with our nationwide team of over 3,500 clinicians, a fleet of mobile testing clinics, and our own high-capacity lab we turnaround 99% of tests within 24 hours.

Low price, great value

We’re able to offer great value because we handle every step of the process. If you find the same service at a lower cost, let us know.

24 hour results

Our high-capacity lab delivers 99% of results within 24 hours of receipt.

The highest quality

Our on-site and at-home tests are the gold standard in diagnostics and are approved by respected industry bodies.

Clinicians you can trust

Since the start of the pandemic our clinicians have been working with Fortune 500 companies and America’s essential businesses.

Choose from a wide range of tests

On-site RT-PCR

Our experienced clinicians administer this highly accurate test. And our dedicated lab gets results to you fast.

Home Test Kits

We deliver self-testing kits to your employees. They just mail this simple test back to our lab and we report the results in a day.

On-site Rapid Test

Get results in as little as 15-30 minutes when we collect and process this test on-site.

Best-in-class COVID-19 tests at market-leading prices

We take care of everything

1- Design

Our clinical experts design custom testing solutions that work for your needs.

2- Collection

Samples are collected by our trained clinicians on-site, or via at-home kits shipped directly to your employees.

3- Shipment

Test kits are delivered directly to our high-capacity lab.

4- Processing

Laboratory staff process 99% of tests within 24 hours and post secure results.

5- Outreach

Our clinicians contact patients with positive results to provide clinical guidance, contact tracing and return-to-work clearance.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions. Contact our team to learn more.

Matrix offers a variety of testing, including RT-PCR tests that can be administered on-site with healthcare professional (HCP) oversight, or at home without supervision. Rapid point-of-care tests can also be supervised by an on-site Matrix clinician.

Matrix’s high-capacity laboratory allows for fast turnaround of test processing. Ninety-nine percent of tests are processed within 24 hours of receipt at our laboratory.

Matrix offers market-leading pricing. Contact our team to request a customized quote based on your unique needs.

Contact us now to talk about the testing strategy that’s right for your business