Matrix Medical Network Recognized in The Technology Headlines Magazine

Matrix Medical Network was recently featured in August 2018 edition of The Technology Headlines Magazine, a popular print and digital media source that brings together executive decision-makers to speak on the evolution of technologies in the business world.

In the article, President and CEO Walt Cooper spoke to Matrix’s data-driven approach, both in engaging members and providing timely, convenient care. Matrix’s successful acquisition of HealthFair and the expansion of its services to highlight a national fleet of mobile health clinics further demonstrates the company’s continued mission to improving access to care.

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Matrix Medical Network

Making Healthcare More Accessible Through Technology and Data

Matrix has been successful in serving millions of members by bringing health assessments and healthcare directly to them.


Walt Cooper

For many people, staying current with healthcare appointments and routine medical follow-ups may be difficult due to a variety of factors including work and family responsibilities, transportation issues, and other challenges that impact access to care. Increasingly, regular and preventive care is being made available to people in the comfort and convenience of their homes or in nearby venues. These services improve the likelihood that people are getting the care they need by reducing barriers and delivering these services at a date and time most convenient for the individual

Matrix Medical Network is one such company that makes healthcare service more accessible and engaging by connecting individuals to healthcare in a timely, flexible manner. The company provides a broad array of health assessment and care management services to individuals, which improve their health outcomes as well as supporting their health plan’s goals for developing a more complete picture of their health needs and closing critical gaps in care.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, the company is currently led by Walt Cooper, President and CEO, and its mission is quite simple: they help people to be healthier. Matrix makes healthcare more accessible by providing in-home or mobile health clinic visits where Matrix providers meet with health plan members to obtain a deeper understanding of how to best support their needs. Matrix uses technology and data analytics to help identify those individuals most at-risk and determine which interventions are necessary.

The Matrix model is highlighted by a national network of over 6,000 providers that are scheduled and deployed to meet the demand of thousands of daily member visits. Matrix uses its technology and analytics to meet customer service expectations and create high levels of efficiency that separate them from the pack; managing logistics, feeding their “data engine” and predicting demand not only help the organization make commitments to their customers, but deliver on those assurances

Other companies in this space may use similar routing software, dialing and scheduling systems or have outreach and engagement strategies, but it is Matrix’s unique ability to effectively integrate those components to ensure that health plan members are engaged in better health. Their distinctive data science algorithm allows the company to accurately predict who needs to be seen, how to get eligible members the right information to understand the value of a health visit, and where to strategically route and position providers to maximize effectiveness

Matrix employs a data-driven member engagement approach whereby they are able to maximize engagement and outreach with individuals based on distinctive behavioral segmented demographics. Before reaching out to those members, proven data analytics are employed to precisely determine the most effective opportunities and optimal engagement strategies for specific segments of the health plan’s population. This also helps leverage the member’s communication preferences. Advanced analytics are in place to target and engage the highest priority members.

Matrix member engagement is highly personalized and is delivered through a wide range of mediums including conventional mail to the latest in digital marketing based on member demographics and preferences. As such, the company provides more options for care and better data analytics which leads to better care outcomes for their health plan clients and the members they serve.

Matrix services range from in-home health visits to well-child appointments to taking care of people with long-term chronic conditions, and each group is provided the best care. The popular in-home visit lasts up to an hour to give members time to ask questions and get answers about their health; its reputation evident with a 96%-member satisfaction rate.

In a span of 18 years, Matrix has experienced exponential growth and has developed a leading presence in the industry. Matrix’s services are currently available to nearly one in five Medicare Advantage members and have now expanded to support Medicaid and ACA health plans and provider groups. The company partners with most of the top healthcare providers in the U.S.

Matrix seems to be unstoppable in terms of improving care delivery and management by offering a key solution to the health plan partners, closing care gaps and engaging with health plan members. The company also ensures a connection with the members’ primary care providers (PCPs) for the services provided for both in-home and via their mobile health clinics. Health plan partners, PCPs, and members all receive assessment and test results to keep track of any necessary follow-up care and to precisely identify members who need additional support.

The new Matrix fleet of mobile health clinics has a presence all around the country. These clinics administer basic wellness exams and advanced diagnostic tests that are successful in closing gaps in the care of members. Cooper explains:

“Matrix is making healthcare more accessible than ever before through in-person, in-home visits and on our mobile health clinics. For our health plan partners, we improve health outcomes while ensuring documentation accuracy and alignment with care quality guidelines. Health plans are seeing continued pressure to close quality gaps in care; Matrix products and services help close those gaps.”

Additionally, Matrix partners closely with their clients to understand their evolving needs and deliver solutions with clinical excellence. Matrix continues to diversify their range of products and services, and develop innovative strategies, technology, and tools. This is evident in their recent investment in mobile health clinics that feature state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies.

By leveraging advanced skills and comprehensive healthcare plans, Matrix has been successful in serving millions of members by bringing health assessments and healthcare directly to them. “We plan to see more members than ever and expand our ability to serve those members and offer them convenience, quality and a wide range of care options that meet their unique needs,” concludes Cooper. “And our advanced technology and analytics enable us to continue to shift our model from total volume – the number of people we’ll see – to the value, benefits and return we create for our customers.”

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