Five Times a Matrix Nurse Practitioner Went Above and Beyond for a Member

In honor of National Nurse Practitioners Week, Matrix Medical Network continues to celebrate its team of clinicians across the country for their incredible hard work and dedication. Year-round we are reminded of the ways in which our nurse practitioners go above and beyond for the health plan members we serve.

From simply spending extra time with a member in need of support, to going as far as providing a member with a warm meal, our NPs stories of incredible selflessness and kindness are heartwarming examples of their dedication to patient care.

We often hear stories detailing acts of kindness done in the field by Matrix NPs. Below are just a few of the inspiring tales of the times an NP went the extra mile for a health plan member.


Nurse Practitioner Week Kindness

The Right Thing to Do | NP Brandi’s Story

I went to see an elderly member one morning who was having a bad day. She said she just wasn’t feeling her best and really didn’t want the visit. After a few minutes of chatting with her, I was able to talk her into letting me in.

She had a dressing in place on a leg wound that had not been changed in days. She said she was not able to change it and home health had not been out that week yet. I called her physician’s office to get clarification on the dressing instructions and changed it for the member.

What I felt anyone would do and was just the right thing to do, she felt was going above and beyond. She could not stop thanking me for that simple gesture. She hugged me when I was leaving and said God had just placed me in her life that day and she was grateful I didn’t give up when she first said no to the visit.


BBQ Day | NP Kathy’s Story

I had a member once who had very limited income or resources. He always had his lunch at the local senior center. I asked if the food was good and he said it was okay, but that he loved when they had BBQ ribs. He said they have them so rarely, so when they did, it was a real treat.

He was quite animated when he told me that the day I was there was “rib day.” He was pretty sad that he missed his favorite meal to stay home and wait for me. I learned that he didn’t get meat much, except at the senior center, because he couldn’t afford it.

At the end of the visit, I mentioned I was going to “be right back.” I was able to surprise him with two big grocery bags of meat, including three packages of ribs.


Nurse Practitioner Week Caring

Meant to be | NP Jennifer’s Story

Just last week I arrived at a member’s home. She was elderly and usually quite healthy. She was not married and had no children or family members close by. She had been in her apartment for three days alone, unable to tolerate food or liquids, with fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

I was able to quickly determine that she needed to be delivered to a higher level of care. After a lengthy discussion, she reluctantly allowed me to arrange transport to her preferred emergency department. There was nobody to call to assist her. I remained at the members home until she was safely transported to the ER.

I feel that I was meant to encounter her that day. Had she been left alone any longer, she may not have had a positive outcome. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to serve her that day and this reminds me why our work is so very important in the community.


Generosity | NP Joanne’s Story

One of my member’s blood pressure and sugar were really elevated. I asked him if he had taken his blood pressure and diabetes medication and he said he ran out. He was taking half his normal dosage, to “make them last” as long as he could.

He was financially strapped and barely able to afford his food. I gave him community services for Meals on Wheels and local food banks. I also called in a refill on his medication, but he said he couldn’t go pick them up until his daughter came to visit him again. I drove to his pharmacy and picked up and paid for his three prescriptions, then went back to his house to deliver them.

He cried and told me he would pay me back. I told him there was no need. He agreed to case management and stated he would talk to his primary care physician at his next visit too. I called him about his blood pressure the next day and it was normal again after taking his medication. It made me feel as good as it did him!


Nurse Practitioner Week Partient Care

A Small Gesture | NP Doretha’s Story

Just recently, I had a visit with an elderly couple who did not have anyone to help them with their medications. They were confused about how and when to take their medications and they did not understand how to set their medications up on a weekly basis. They also did not have the money to buy a small pill organizer and were going to have to wait until the first of the month to get the organizer.

I went to the local dollar store, bought both of them an organizer and showed them how to set their medication up on a weekly basis to make sure they didn’t miss any further doses.

It was a small gesture but it meant the world to them.



Stories have been provided by real Matrix Nurse Practitioners. Stories may have been edited for clarity or grammar only.


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