Comprehensive Health Assessment: Experience

Streamlined and Integrated Experience (Part 4 of 6)

Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) has the resources and processes in place to deliver a streamlined and integrated end-to-end Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) experience. With our community-based approach and nationwide network of clinicians, the integrated experience is the same whether care is delivered in the members’ home or in a state-of-the-art mobile health clinic. The CHA program design includes:



Data files received from the health plan are scrubbed to improve the quality of the data and create a risk-stratified way to prioritize members.


Develop and deploy health plan approved multi-channel member engagement approach to overcome barriers to access and effectively communicate with members about program benefits and schedule visits.



Build rapport with the member to deliver an excellent member experience in-home or in a mobile health clinic. Complete the CHA, identify unstable medical conditions, medication issues, care management needs, and make connections to primary care physician and community resources as appropriate.


Matrix provides a data upload to health plan, distributes assessment summaries to members and primary care physicians. Supports health plan client to measure program impact.


Live the Story

As shared by a Matrix nurse practitioner:

There was the list of the member’s medications from her primary care provider. And then there was her basket of prescription medications. They didn’t match.

The 82-year-old member was taking three different types of blood thinners. Although she recently refilled the prescriptions on all three, one wasn’t on her PCP’s list. However, there were some other medications on the PCP’s list that were not in her basket.

I called the member’s PCP and explained my concerns to the office nurse, who in turn spoke with the PCP. The nurse called back saying they were going to discontinue two of the blood thinners and simplify the member’s medication regime altogether.

I passed along the new instructions to the member and helped her schedule a follow-up appointment with her PCP.


Follow our posts this month as we walk through our approach with CHAs, ‘Live the Story’ and share some outcomes.


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