Comprehensive Health Assessment: Results

Delivering Proven Results (Part 5 of 6)

Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) has the infrastructure, diverse experience and core value commitment to make a difference. Matrix offers tailored Comprehensive Health Assessments (CHAs) for all plan types and populations covering the entire chronological spectrum from infants to seniors.

Matrix has long been setting standards for in-home CHAs and now we are leading the way with alternate venues. With more screening options, alternate venue choices and enhanced communication with members which results in higher screening completion rates and enables your organization to meet annual wellness visit requirements and close gaps in care.

Discover the Matrix experience and how more options from care delivered to better data analytics could make a difference and deliver results for your organization and the health of your members.


Live the Story

You know you’ve had an impact on a person’s life when they go out of their way to write about it. This note from a member coming in through the website.

“I was undergoing an assessment last Thursday by your Nurse Practitioner Barbara. She detected a heart issue and insisted that I go to my cardiologist ASAP. I was able to see him that same day. I had a cardiac catheterization the following morning. Two stents were inserted and one or two more will be inserted in about two weeks.”

My sincere thanks to Barbara for her professionalism and insistence. I am told she saved my life.”


Follow our posts this month as we walk through our approach with CHAs, ‘Live the Story’ and share some outcomes.


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