Quality Visit

Overcoming Challenges (Part 1 of 4)

Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) brings care directly to individuals where they live.

Our community-based approach, using a nationwide network of clinicians, offers health plan members convenient access to in-home and mobile health clinics visits to complete preventive health screenings.  Our comprehensive approach addresses the challenges associated with quality improvement and is designed to close more quality gaps:

Advanced analytics and leading-edge technologies — Our innovative analytics and proven data-driven strategies improve the effectiveness of targeting intervention programs. Our analytics team will work with your team to identify members with quality gaps and determine the best venue that yields the highest likelihood of member engagement and gap closure.

Multispecialty panel of licensed providers — From Medical Support Technicians to Mammography Technologists to Registered Nurses, we deploy the required staffing to close a broad range of quality improvement gaps. Furthermore, these providers often live in the communities they serve leading to better conversations with members. They provide compassionate expert support and clinical skills to drive higher levels of satisfaction.

Increased healthcare access — We offer the unparalleled convenience of in-home visits combined with mobile health clinic options as an effective strategy for overcoming common barriers to access experienced by members who may not have the resources, time or motivation to travel to traditional provider locations.

Market-leading engagement of health plan members — We treat each interaction with your members as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build your brand perception. Our engagement approach results in a 98%-member satisfaction rate with our visits.


During May we share our solutions and process for Quality Visits and bring you more ‘Live the Story’ stories as shared by our clinical staff and members.


Contact us today to learn more about bringing quality visits to your members and other solutions to help improve your members health outcomes and deliver better results for your plan.


Live the Story
As shared by a Matrix nurse practitioner:

It happened about a month ago and since then nothing really came of it. So the member never thought to mention it to anyone…until my visit.

What he described had all of the characteristics of a stroke…or at the very least, a transient ischemic attack (TIA), which can mimic stroke-like symptoms. I conveyed the importance of following up on this and why. I phoned his primary care provider and was able to get the member an appointment for the next morning. Last week he called me to say an MRI showed he had suffered a stroke.

He is now firmly committed to stopping his smoking and making other lifestyle changes. He said that he is most grateful for my visit and asked if next year, when he received his Matrix call, if he could see me again.

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