Quality Visit: Scaled National Platform

Scaled National Platform with Differentiated Local approach (Part 2 of 4)



At Matrix, we meet members wherever they are in the journey to health improvement. Our national network of more than 6,000 credentialed community-based clinical providers deliver in-home services for members while our Mobile Health Clinic providers offer community-based preventative health screenings and diagnostic capabilities. With knowledge of local community resources, our providers are able to connect members with additional supporting resources they may need.


During May we explore our solutions and process for Quality Visits and bring you more ‘Live the Story’ stories as shared by our clinical staff and members.


Contact us today to learn more about bringing quality visits to your members and other solutions to help improve your members health outcomes and deliver better results for your plan.


Live the Story

Nurse practitioner Rebecca encountered a couple where the husband was the sole caregiver for his wife who had Parkinson’s.

“Both were obviously exhausted,” Rebecca said. “He was fatigued and unrested. She knew that her needs were overwhelming. I reached out to request a caseworker visit.”

“When I went back after several weeks, he was jovial and positive and his wife was more animated yet calmer. They were now receiving regular home health care support. The couple thanked me profusely.”

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