Quality Visit: Broad Gap Closure

Broad Gap Closure (Part 3 of 4)


Matrix Medical Network’s (Matrix) in-home and mobile health clinic visits provide year-round member-focused interventions and access to preventative health screenings to close more quality care gaps.  An in-home quality visit can address multiple care gaps during a single visit. Our mobile health clinics add a dynamic option for additional diagnostic and specialized tests that cannot be conducted in a home visit.  Our cutting-edge mobile health clinics are outfitted with sophisticated and industry recognized digital technologies.

During May we explore our solutions and process for Quality Visits and bring you more ‘Live the Story’ stories as shared by our clinical staff and members.


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Live the Story

As shared by a Matrix nurse practitioner:

This was my third visit with the member. And he had some big news waiting for me.

My first visit was in 2014. He was obese and taking both the long- and short-acting forms of insulin. His A1C (blood glucose) level was nearly double the threshold for being diabetic and he had no idea of how to manage it all. I explained that insulin made it difficult to lose weight and provided education on the basic diabetes management plan, listing the healthy foods and the foods to avoid.

My next visit was 2016. He was using just the long-acting insulin, his A1C was under 8 percent and he had lost weight. Great progress! But, I provided more education on an exercise plan to help reduce his blood glucose even more.

Which brings us to today. “I am off insulin!” the 76-year-old member proudly announced. “I feel so healthy.” A lot of work on his part, but he credits the Matrix health assessments for his new-found health.

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