[Infographic] Quality Visit

Turn-Key Solution (Part 4 of 4)

Matrix Medical Network (Matrix) offers the widest array of quality visit solutions and has proven experience with delivering full turn-key solutions. Matrix delivers an integrated experience for your organization making it easier for you to identify risks and early treatment opportunities for your member populations. View the full infographic shared in our posts this month for an overview of Matrix Quality Visits.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing quality visits to your members and other solutions to help improve your members health outcomes and deliver better results for your plan.

Live the Story

As shared by a Matrix nurse practitioner:

The member said that nurse practitioner Karl must be mistaken, her blood pressure had always been low. So, Karl rechecked using her other arm and found the elevated reading to be the same.

As Karl continued with his exam and interview, the member started taking notes of things she wanted to discuss with her doctor. Karl pointed out that some of her other symptoms, however minor, could be precursors to diabetes – as she had a prominent family history and had been told she was “pre-diabetic.”

After subsequent follow-up visits with her doctor, the woman called into the Matrix Contact Center to thank Karl and give him an update. She said that her doctor confirmed diabetes and put her on two medications, including one for high blood pressure.



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