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Find career fulfillment while positively impacting the lives of people we serve.

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As a Matrix provider, you’ll join our diverse team of passionate clinical professionals in the rewarding mission of delivering better quality care directly to member in their home.

Matrix partners with leading healthcare organizations across the country. We have opportunities for a full-time career or work as an independent contractor.

  • "This is the best job I have had the pleasure of doing. I have autonomy and I have the opportunity to connect with members in a way that is unlike any job I have ever done."

    Richard Clinical Program Manager
  • "Knowing I made a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding and reaffirms to me why I work here. Even if it's been a stressful or hectic day, I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of my day. Honestly, I love what I do."

    Anita Clinical Services Manager
  • "I started with Matrix as a field nurse practitioner. The flexibility and autonomy originally drew me to the position but then realizing the impact I would have on the members cinched my decision to come work here. I love having the ability to spend the time to educate and get to know the members while continuing to stretch my abilities and learn."

    Vicki Clinical Services Manager
  • "I am in a unique position being a health care provider and having members allow me into their home. People are often more candid with me about their health and habits then they ever are with their doctors because they are comfortable in their own setting. I am able to more effectively teach them about how to improve their health with lifestyle changes, and I find that to be incredibly rewarding."

    Elaine Nurse Practitioner

Reasons to Join

Make a Difference

Spend more time doing work that saves lives and has a real positive impact on the well-being of the members we serve.


Work in a diverse cross-functional clinical field team spanning all disciplines and backgrounds.


We offer a flexible working schedule based on the hours that work for you.

Continued Education

We offer a dedicated clinical education team to support you with your ongoing education requirements.

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