Case Study

How Matrix Medical Network helped a large, national retailer ensure the health, safety, and confidence of associates


One of the nation’s largest and most essential retailers sought a solution to keep their employees safe as the pandemic began. Employees were working mandatory overtime in both stores and distribution centers, and the leadership wanted independent help to ensure the safest possible working environment.

They were seeking a partner to help them craft and implement that solution.


In partnership with the retailer, facilities were evaluated and categorized by need: Fully Staffed Onsite Clinics with COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 health support, Temperature and Symptom Assessment Sites focused on screening workers upon arrival, and Virtual Sites supporting employees at temporarily closed facilities.

Matrix began assisting with both education and counseling to ensure peace of mind and providing temperature and symptom screening to ensure the health of all individuals at the facilities; services at each site are regularly updated based on the evolving needs.

All locations include multilingual outreach and collateral, virtual health education and onsite temperature/symptom screening.

Fully staffed onsite clinics

Staffed by clinical teams to provide full COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related treatment, testing, education, and counseling to help employees feel safe, and mitigate the need for employees to take time off to seek care

Virtual Sites focusing on health at home

Dedicated service teams ensure the health of employees at temporarily closed facilities.
Support for employees of temporarily closed facilities helps employees stay safe from the challenges of COVID-19 outside of work and at home

Temperature and Symptom Assessment

Onsite clinical screening of all individuals upon arrival to ensure the health and safety of all at locations where full onsite clinical support is not needed



More than 4,000 onsite clinical visits completed – related to COVID-19 and other health issues – by employees who have greatly valued getting treatment during their work breaks versus them seeking costly and more time consuming treatment outside of work


Nearly 1,000 onsite visits completed providing education and counseling related to COVID-19, helping to keep employees safe while at work and at home

Under 2 weeks

Quick and flexible response as needs have changed – including activating new sites in under two weeks – ensuring optimized support for employees’ health

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