Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management for Complex Conditions

Improve the quality of care and reduce overall costs for members with complex chronic conditions.

Ongoing care for chronic conditions

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing 24/7 assistance to support members and help them adhere to their treatment plan.

Chronic Care Management

Broad-Based Care

Our care teams are comprised of clinicians across all disciplines to offer a broad range of support needed to close care gaps and serve members of any cultural background.

Unparalleled Member Insights

Our presence in the home allows us to identify potential issues and environmental risks and intervene early to avoid complications.

Chronic Care Management

Effective Cost Management

We help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and utilization to reduce cost of care.


Reduction in ER visits per 1,000 members with complex chronic conditions

Based on results from Matrix Chronic Care Management program in 2016


Member satisfaction rate for Matrix’s Chronic Care Management program

Based on results from 2016 Member Experience Survey


Member retention rate among enrolled members

Based on results from Matrix Chronic Care Management program in 2016

  • "Before Matrix, I had lost faith in the health system’s ability to treat me. Now, I feel more confident than ever that my condition is manageable. I am very grateful that Matrix provider cared enough to visit me regularly and help me stay healthy."  

    Health Plan Member
  • "I recently had a very bad low blood sugar episode. I normally go to the emergency room, but this time I called my Matrix provider first. She coached me through restoring my blood sugar to normal levels. I got immediate results without leaving my home!"

    Health Plan Member
  • "The Matrix provider explained to me clearly why I need to take my medication regularly and attend doctor’s appointments. I went to the doctor recently, and he was amazed at how much better my long-term health outlook had become! "

    Health Plan Member

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