Effective Clinical Trial Solutions

Bringing care directly to people can accelerate clinical trials by providing rapid, flexible deployment of clinicians and assets.

Matrix meets the most challenging clinical trial demands through collaboration, experience, and relationship-building with partners and trial participants.

Matrix maintains the highest standards for quality and compliance within clinical trials to ensure participant safety and data integrity.


Trial sites in 18 states already executed in 2021



Trial visits directly supported by Matrix


of 2,500 Matrix enrolled trial participants in a recent study were minorities

The Matrix Difference

Expanding the Reach of Clinical Trials

Matrix has a team of approximately 5,000 clinicians that allow us to reach a broad geographical area and diverse communities.

Improving the Trial Participant Experience

Matrix has a patient-centric approach, meeting participants where they live and work to improve participant compliance, retention, and experience.

Partnering to Improve Trial Timelines

Our clinical teams can augment our partners needs for trial site management, as well as on-the-ground or in-home clinical needs.

Providing Expert Clinical Teams

Matrix clinicians have a full spectrum of licensure levels, allowing us to expand access, accelerate timing of study completion, deliver high-quality data metrics, and improve trial participant experiences.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Matrix’s safety protocols are based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and stringent sanitizing processes designed with safety as our top priority.

Let us be your partner in engaging those who need our care today