Welcome CNA community!

Welcome CNA community!

In the United States alone, 70 million work days are lost each year due to work-related injuries, costing companies a total of $171 billion*. Expenses continue to rise for employers, with workers compensation costs increasing 3.1% in the last year*.

Healthy Workers = Healthy Business

Expert intervention helps mitigate risk and drive a culture of well-being and prevention. 

As a CNA Allied Vendor, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with occupational health solutions for your organization. With more than 150 years of collective related health experience working with various large employers and municipalities, Matrix knows what it takes to keep employees healthy and safe, while helping organizations maintain productivity and efficiency.

Our Comprehensive Occupational Health Program Offers:

Our Comprehensive Occupational Health Program Offers:

Prevention & Early Intervention

Providing care and education to avoid injury

Ergonomic assessments and risk analysis, injury prevention education and training, worksite stretching and exercise programs, job rotation planning.

Injury Assessment & Care

Delivering immediate care for urgent ailments.

Emergency response management and triage, referrals, and care coordination.

Screenings & Physical Exams

Ensuring compliance with work-related policies.

DOT physicals, drug and alcohol testing, pre-placement functional assessments, audiograms, respirator fit test, COVID-19

Physical Therapy

Helping employees return to work safely.

Therapeutic exercise and conditioning, pre/post-surgical rehabilitation, strength and function improvement, pain management, care coordination.

Workers’ Comp Management

Overseeing cases from first report to return-to-work.

First report of injury, care coordination, return-to-work management, claims/case management.

Medical Consultation

Supporting total worker well-being company-wide.

Organization health assessment, worksite health configuration design, and medical support and guidance.

Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions

We help protect your employees and your organization.We are pleased to help our clients:

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Data and analytics expose root causes of high healthcare spend, and help guide efforts to reduce it

Increase Health Equity

More access points provide increased convenience for your employees to receive care

Create a Culture of Health  

Bringing care to the worksite makes health and wellness a more central and visible part of the company culture

Total Worker Wellbeing

Matrix takes a holistic view of health, looking at both personal and work-related issues that contribute to health and wellness. In addition to occupational health, our worksite services include primary and urgent care, preventive health and wellness, and physical therapy, and with our fully owned high-capacity Matrix Clinical Labs, we can provide screenings and diagnostic tests for employees with quicker turnaround times at affordable, competitive pricing. At Matrix, our mission is to deliver direct, in-person care using a hybrid of platforms – onsite, temporary, and mobile clinics and onsite support staff - no matter how your workforce is distributed, ensuring your employee population has access to expert, quality healthcare when and how they need it.

We are proud to be a CNA Allied Vendor. How can we serve you?

We are proud to be a CNA Allied Vendor. How can we serve you?