Community Assessments

Community Assessments

Helping plans gain insights on their members to address care plan development, coaching and member education.

Assessments with Nationwide Providers — Quick Deployment

National Coverage

Specialized, nationwide field staff network, with experience in multiple disciplines, for quick deployment of the program.

Targeted Interventions Proven Results

Comprehensive Evaluations

Expert and proven staff evaluates health and functional ability, and completes health risk assessments on targeted members.

Assessments with Multiple Populations

Improving Health Outcomes

Detailed insights gathered through the visit address care plan development and further identify high-risk situations.

Assessments Data Analytics

Data-Driven Insights

Our proprietary digital assessment platform enables efficient data capture for easy import by the plan.


Member satisfaction with
the provider


Members that are assessed within required timeframes


Assessments completed

Matrix offers more options for better engagement and improved outcomes

  • “The provider who visited my father was very compassionate. The visit made us feel confident that he would receive the appropriate resources. The unbiased options on the reality of the situation helped the family agree on how much care was necessary and how to manage his condition moving forward.”    


Learn how Matrix Community Assessments identify the health and resource needs of your members

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