Comprehensive Health Assessment

Improving patient care and revenue integrity by gathering a deep understanding of each member's needs.

Unparalleled Member Insights

During a visit, which often lasts up to an hour, we review your member’s current health, medical history, medication adherence, social environment and other risks that can be difficult to capture during routine office visits.

Improved Quality Management

Our thorough in-home visits help you address important quality measures, increase your completion rate for Comprehensive Medication Reviews, close common gaps in care and improve your performance on key quality measures.

Improved Risk Management

We work to the highest clinical standards with our comprehensive documentation and coding to ensure compliance and to reduce your audit risks.

Happier, More Engaged Members

We treat each interaction with your members as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and build your brand perception. Our engagement approach results in a 98% member satisfaction rate with our visits.


Of visits have led to immediate action, for health issues that had previously gone undetected or were of urgent concern

Based on data from Matrix Comprehensive Health Assessments performed in 2015


Of members had at least one notable clinical concern or issue in their social setting

Based on data from Matrix Comprehensive Health Assessments performed in 2015


Of all members go to their primary care physician within 90 days of a Matrix assessment

Based on data from Matrix Comprehensive Health Assessments performed in 2015

  • "My Matrix in-house exam showed that my heart had gone into AFib, which I immediately had corrected with cardioversion.  I am doing well now and am very thankful that I had the in-house exam."

    Health Plan Member
  • "Before my Matrix visit, I lost 25 lbs without knowing why. During my visit, I found out that I was diabetic! I have since been learning how to manage my condition, and now I feel much better and have energy again."

    Health Plan Member
  • "The provider who came to my home found I had a significant condition. He contacted my doctor (with my consent) to follow up on his concern. The result was that I had stopped taking a medication I still needed! I have felt much better since then and am very thankful that I had the visit."

    Health Plan Member
  • "During my in-home visit, the provider recommended I get a second opinion for my hand numbness. It was discovered that I had mistakenly delayed surgery because of an incorrect diagnosis two years ago. Your provider did a better job diagnosing me than my doctors had."

    Health Plan Member

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