In-person support that improves care for people with diabetes


In-person support that improves care for people with diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30 million people in the United States have diabetes and one in four people with the disease doesn’t know he or she has it.

Matrix Medical Network’s innovative Diabetes Care Intervention program provides in-person support to help close gaps in care and empower members to better manage the disease.

The Matrix Diabetes Care Intervention Helps Members By:

Removing barriers of care for non-compliant diabetics

• Convenient, comfortable home setting
• Reduces need for member to travel and time required for multiple tests

Supporting prevention

• Earlier identification of complications and proactive education on the importance of preventive care
• Education on the crucial role of blood sugar, blood pressure and weight control and their impact on diabetic complications

Administering early treatment

• Address and help solve for medication adherence barriers
• Focus on follow up to support members’ ongoing relationships with primary care and specialist providers
• Improve outcomes through early identification of health challenges which can help members respond better and ultimately lower costs


Provides specialized guidance and support to the member via an in-home visit focused on diabetes evaluation and care

Administers a series of key diabetes related tests needed to help identify issues early, close gaps in care and support ongoing patient care

Conducts a comprehensive health assessment with the member to identify any other health issues or concerns

Provides appropriate follow-up support to ensure the member is getting the care needed from primary care providers and specialists


Advanced predictive analytics identify those members who would benefit from the program

Matrix engages members to participate

Matrix has a pre-visit call with the member

Matrix clinical provider visits with the member in person

Matrix conducts post visit follow up with the member


In addition to conducting diabetes tests in-home, Matrix offers the same diabetes tests on our mobile health clinics (MHC). MHCs can help to engage members and diagnose those individuals that may not be aware that they have the condition before their symptoms become chronic or costly or identify those that have pre-diabetes, so that care interventions can be discussed.

• Diabetic Eye Exam
• Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c or A1c)
• Microalbumin test (measures kidney or renal function)

• Peripheral Artery Disease
• Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
• Cardiovascular Assessment

The Matrix Diabetes Care Intervention revolutionizes the support provided to people with the disease and improves their levels of care in ways never before possible.

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