Diabetes Care Intervention

Empowering members to better self-manage the disease with specialized guidance and support

Customized Member Outreach

Member Outreach

Education starts with our first contact; personalized outreach highlights the benefits of our comprehensive care visits ensuring the member understands the health concerns that can be avoided or mitigated with regular health checks and screenings.

Chronic Care Management

Effective Support
and Prevention

Improved outcomes through early identification of health challenges help members respond better and lowers costs. Post visit personalized follow-up supports members’ ongoing relationships with primary care and specialist providers.

Program Impact

Innovative in-home program removes barriers of care for non-adherent diabetic members. Treatment options are less costly and more effective when complications are diagnosed early.

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Improved Risk Management
and Care Gap Closure

Advanced analytics identify those members who would benefit from the program; those targeted interventions help you close gaps of care with accurate clinical documentation.

Diabetic care intervention management and testing includes:

Diabetic Eye Exam

  • Eye exams are conducted to check for retina damage or diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy occurs in 80% of people who have had diabetes for more than 20 years. Early detection is key to detect the problem before symptoms begin.

Microalbumin Test

  • Measures kidney functions to detect albumin, a serum protein that can be an early sign of diabetic kidney damage. Detecting and treating kidney damage early can help to maintain as much kidney function as possible.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Test

  • Tests and a physical exam are conducted to detect nerve damage due to microvascular changes affecting the nerves. When neuropathy progresses symptoms including numbness and pain are experienced leading to further complications. Detecting subtle losses of sensation can help to diagnose the condition before symptoms present.

Hemoglobin A1c Test

  • Measures glycol-hemoglobin which reflects average blood sugar level over 2-3 months. The higher the hemoglobin A1c the higher the risk for complications related to diabetes. The test is used to diagnose diabetes as well as determine medication needs and treatment plans for people who have diabetes.

Peripheral Artery Disease Test

  • Measures blood flow volume to identify often undetected and undiagnosed circulation issues in the legs. Untreated peripheral artery disease is a risk factor that can lead to severe diabetic complications. Early detection and management can improve outcomes.

Cardiovascular Assessment

  • Helps to detect high blood pressure. Having diabetes may put individuals at greater risk for cardiovascular disease/arteriosclerotic heart disease, high blood pressure (>140/90) is a risk factor for diabetic complications. Controlling and managing conditions may help to lower the risk for adverse diabetic health events.


Millions of Americans with diabetes - not including 53.8 million with prediabetes

Based on data from 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report


Medicare members living with Diabetes

Based on data from 2015 CMS report


Average annual cost of a member with diabetes

Based on 2014 NPR report on cost of diabetic members

  • "Before Matrix, I had lost faith in the health system’s ability to treat me. Now, I feel more confident than ever that my condition is manageable. I am very grateful that Matrix provider cared enough to visit me regularly and help me stay healthy."  

    Health Plan Member
  • "I recently had a very bad low blood sugar episode. I normally go to the emergency room, but this time I called my Matrix provider first. She coached me through restoring my blood sugar to normal levels. I got immediate results without leaving my home!"

    Health Plan Member
  • "The Matrix provider explained to me clearly why I need to take my medication regularly and attend doctor’s appointments. I went to the doctor recently, and he was amazed at how much better my long-term health outlook had become! "

    Health Plan Member

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