Employee Health Overview

A rigorous, evidence-based COVID-19 workforce protection program featuring onsite medical staff and mobile health clinics.

Operating a business in the current COVID-19 climate presents many unique challenges. While it’s generally understood that companies must take important measures to promote social distancing and employ the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), these steps alone may not be enough to ensure workplace health and safety. Even organizations that put screening and testing plans in place need the resources and capacity to customize these strategies by geography, facility and population in order to prevent emerging infections.

Companies with a densely-concentrated workforce in certain locations—such as those with distribution centers and manufacturing facilities—may even require on-site medical staff who can quickly identify and manage at-risk and infected employees.

Matrix Medical Network provides support to businesses in all of these areas, assisting in the design and implementation of practices, including COVID-19 testing, to help protect employees and help ensure the productivity of operations. Matrix Medical Network helps businesses navigate the clinical best practices and the application of state and federal guidelines to create a plan and approach that fits the unique needs of each business.

With a focus on the most critical operations, Matrix Medical Network also provides on-the-ground clinical support from our national staff of clinicians backed by a unique fleet of mobile health clinics.

On-site presence with COVID-19 testing

Our on-site medical teams support your most critical locations and employees. In addition to providing routine and immediate access to clinical support, our presence helps you demonstrate to your employees that you are putting their health and safety first. Our team will help implement a plan built to your needs and can provide routine support including:

  • Administering appropriate employee screenings and COVID-19 testing
  • Supporting the development of policies and procedures including defining testing protocols
  • Training and monitoring the effective use of PPE
  • Assisting contact tracing efforts should any cases arise to quickly address the situation
  • Educating employees on best practices to stay safe and healthy for COVID-19 and beyond
  • Providing general health education and guidance

Our fleet of mobile health clinics essentially provide you with a complete doctor’s office that can be set up on a semi-permanent basis or moved to specific locations based on need.

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