Environmental Assessment

Give your employees and customers the confidence of knowing that trusted professionals designed safety procedures and protocols, improved worker safety and reduced the risks associated with COVID-19

Matrix Medical Network is a national leader in supporting the needs of at-risk populations. Since our founding in 2000, we have engaged with millions of individuals to assess and manage health risk and general wellness through our national network of more than 3,000 clinicians and fleet of state-of-the-art mobile health clinics.

Matrix has developed an in-depth understanding of COVID-19 mitigation and the sound application of best practices to optimize employee safety and operational continuity. Matrix supports numerous Fortune 500 companies, including some of the country’s most essential businesses. Matrix has developed and refined best-in-class COVID-19 insight and specific expertise, making it a uniquely qualified partner to plan and commence a safe and healthy return-to-work.

What we offer

  • Thorough review of the work environment and implemented policies and procedures:
    • Checklists based on current CDC, FDA, OSHA and industry society guidelines as well as peer-reviewed scientific evidence
    •  Customized reports on all aspects of all facilities: people, processes and structure/infrastructure
  • Written report for each site – grounded in epidemiological and behavioral health best practices – to validate what current design/policies and procedures are working well and where there are opportunities for improvement and enhancement
  • Clinical leaders review the findings with your leadership and design an expedient and effective path forward
  • Thought leadership – rooted in experience and the latest research – in this rapidly evolving spac

What we deliver

  • Interpretation of CDC and other regulatory guidelines and implementation of plans for your facilities
  • Education for employees on state-of-the art COVID mitigation strategies
  • Selection and training of cultural champions to assist company leadership with COVID-19 related operations, from decision making to implementing COVID-19 mitigating strategies
  • Implementation of individual and team behavioral best practices, organization of physical spaces, and identified of best hygiene practices to hamper infectious disease transmission
  • Psychological construct for monitoring behavior, such that it is compelling, structured and incentivized
  • Data collection on the implementation of COVID-19 mitigation strategies and install quality improvement cycles
  • Follow-up access over time and as questions arise

Employers find this critical to:

  • Instilling confidence that facilities are optimized for a safe return-to-work during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory guidelines for safe workplaces
  • Creating an engaged and knowledgeable workforce, championing best working practices
  • Offering specific ready-to-implement changes to policies and physical environments
  • Augmenting existing internal workplace safety capabilities

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