Personalized Healthcare That Comes to You

We partner with your health plan and your healthcare providers to deliver care in the convenience of your home.

You have our undivided attention

We want to make sure you have the information and support you need to stay as healthy, independent and active as possible. That’s why we partner with your health plan and healthcare providers to deliver our services in the comfort of your own home.

Our licensed clinical providers will visit with you and take the time to really listen to your health concerns. You’ll receive compassionate, personalized and high-quality care that’s often not possible during a typical visit to the doctor’s office.

  • "We were just so impressed! We had questions and she had answers. She was well educated in her field and was very informative, professional… and friendly! I just can't say enough about her. I mean it was super!"

    Health Plan Member
  • “The Matrix provider not only asked me questions but sincerely listened to my answers. I told her things I haven’t necessarily told my physician because I feel so rushed in their office. She also discovered a loose pin in my cardiac surgical area.”

    Health Plan Member
  • “I would like to compliment Matrix for our medical assessment. We thought the assessment was thorough, and our provider was very informative and a true professional. I would highly recommend anyone to go through this assessment program. It was very interesting, positive and thorough.”

    Health Plan Member
  • “I think it’s wonderful you are doing these home visits. I feel like my doctor doesn’t have time to go through everything, so this is a great idea. My Matrix provider gave me questions to ask my physician and some ideas about vitamins I’m taking. I’m very happy with this service.”

    Health Plan Member

During our visit, you can expect to

Discuss concerns

Discuss and get answers to your important healthcare questions and concerns.

Review medical history

Thoroughly go through your medical history and current health.

Get personalized education

Receive personalized education about managing your health at home and a valuable, easy-to-read Personal Health Summary.

Manage medications

Review and get help managing all your medications, over-the-counter drugs and other supplements.

Have in-home screenings

Receive important preventative in-home screenings and follow-up care recommendations.

Get access to resources

Get information about community resources and programs relevant to you.

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