Keeping America’s workers healthy during the pandemic

Our national network of approximately 5,000 clinicians, and fleet of Mobile Health Clinics, are ensuring that many of the country’s most essential businesses are able to operate throughout the pandemic. Our clinical consultants design solutions that mitigate COVID-19 risks and develop best practices that enable you to keep employees safe and your business operational. These solutions also include clinical support services, high-quality COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and environmental certification.

What we offer

Tailored Solutions

Our consulting clinicians will partner with you to design a solution that works in the unique context of your business.

Clinical Support

Our clinicians and Mobile Health Clinics can be located at your premises and in convenient offsite locations.

COVID-19 Screening

Our credentialed, local clinicians will screen for COVID-19 related symptoms and provide temperature checks for all your employees.

Prevention Services

We identify at-risk individuals and provide them with targeted telehealth support.

Case Management

We will coordinate care, make referrals and communicate COVID-19 test results to all appropriate authorities.

Benefits to you:


Fast access to local clinicians for onsite and offsite examination, testing, tracing, and urgent follow-up services for any employees who test positive.


Our services show your employees and stakeholders that their health is your priority.


Our clinicians currently work across more than 130 sites in the US providing COVID-19 screening, testing, employee education and support.


By monitoring the well-being of your people we can respond proactively to any emerging outbreaks and help reduce the risk of shutdowns or severe disruption to your business.


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