Post-Acute Transitions

Reducing readmission risks and supporting recovery for members after a recent acute event or hospitalization.

Care Adherence

Supports post-discharge care and recovery through the development of personal health goals, confirmation of follow-up appointments and education of the member.

Medication Management

Addresses one of the leading challenges to successful recovery by coaching each member on medication self-management to improve knowledge and understanding of their medication regimen.

Unparalleled Member Insights

Our presence in the home allows us to identify potential issues and environmental risks and intervene early to avoid complications.

Effective Cost Management

We help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and utilization to reduce cost of care.


Reduction in the 90-day hospital readmission rate for members


Members with lower overall 30-day claims costs


Members who rate the program as valuable or very valuable

  • "The Matrix provider alerted me that my medication would run out 10 days before my appointment with my vascular specialist! Thank goodness they did, since it would have caused me a lot of problems."

    Health Plan Member
  • "During my Matrix visit, the provider though it would be better if I completed my treatment in a rehabilitation facility. My doctor and health plan both agreed, and within 48 hours I was transferred until the end of a successful treatment!"

    Health Plan Member
  • "I had several concerns that I shared during my Matrix visit. She explained what she could, and she also called my ophthalmologist and retina specialist to give me a more thorough answer. I’m so impressed at the lengths she went!"

    Health Plan Member
  • “The Matrix provider who visited me after a hospitalization instructed me on my new blood pressure medications and got me on the right road with my medications. I have deep appreciation for getting the clarification I needed, otherwise my blood pressure would have remained very high.”    


Learn how Matrix helps your members to a complication-free recovery and reduce hospital readmission risks

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