Quality Visit

Helping you take action to close gaps in care to meet your quality performance goals.


Targeted Care Gap Closure

We identify specific segments of your population and execute targeted interventions to help you close gaps in care and improve overall health outcomes for these members.


Improved Completion Rates

Our in-home service gives members a convenient way to complete necessary preventive tests, improving their care and your plan’s overall completion rates.


First Rate Clinical Analysis

All laboratory processing occurs with our CAP-accredited and CLIA-regulated clinical laboratory partners to ensure the highest level of clinical integrity.


Shared Results

We share every result that we gather with you, the member and the member's primary care provider.


Of targeted members agree to an in-home fecal immunochemical test (FIT)

Based on analysis of claims data from assessed members


Average collection rate of samples for lab processing during in-home visits

Based on analysis of claims data from assessed members


Of MicroAlbumin tests administered yield results that require immediate follow-up treatment

Based on analysis of claims data from assessed members

  • "After just three visits, my Matrix provider helped me lose 20 pounds and drop my HgA1c from 9 to 6.5. Both my doctor and kidney specialist are very pleased that I’ve got a tighter control of my diabetes and my neuropathy is improving. I owe it this good news to Matrix and my provider."

    Health Plan Member
  • "My Matrix visit saved my life. After taking a FIT test, my provider followed up to tell me that I had tested positive and needed a colonoscopy immediately. I had 27 polyps removed, one of which was cancerous. I am thankful because I would have otherwise died not knowing I had colon cancer. "

    Health Plan Member
  • "In our last Matrix visit, the provider found my husband’s legs to be alarmingly cool and shiny and recommended he get a Doppler of his lower legs. This led to finding six blockages in his legs from PAD, which were removed through surgery. We are all smiles now, and my husband is able to hunt again "

    Health Plan Member

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