We helped Tyson Foods employees get back to work safely.


Tyson Foods is one of the world’s largest processors of chicken, beef and pork. They are responsible for much of our nation’s food supply. Keeping this essential business operating productively benefits the wellbeing of all Americans. And ensuring a safe environment for all of their employees is the number one priority for the company.

That’s why Tyson Food asked our clinical solutions team to help them design and launch an industry-leading COVID testing and monitoring strategy.


The solution we helped design was built around a flexible testing strategy that employed data-science to help monitor the health of Tyson’s employees across numerous locations throughout the US.

Our strategy delivered advanced, high quality tests to reliably identify positive cases including those workers who showed no symptoms. Health screenings were conducted daily as team members arrived at work.

Tyson Foods is now also able to identify and test anyone who has come into close contact with a co-worker testing positive.

This science-first approach also saw our team provide support around the environmental design of Tyson facilities in order to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 spread.

And thanks to mobile health clinics and onsite nurse practitioners, Tyson employees can easily access the care and support they need.

Dr Daniel Castillo, Chief Medical Officer for Matrix Medical Network, explains further, “The new monitoring program we helped Tyson create is a science-first approach that’s really on the cutting edge of how workplaces can best mitigate the risk of the virus.”

Easy to access,
reliable testing for
team members

Daily clinical screening
support at Tyson

Design environmental solutions to mitigate risk of COVID-19 spread


Onsite nurse practitioner care and mobile health clinics.



Currently less than one percent of Tyson Foods’s US workforce of 120,000 team members has active COVID-19.

600 dedicated staff

Tyson Foods now has a Chief Medical Officer role and is adding 200 nurses and administrative staff to support the 400 people already working in their health services team.

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One of the nation’s largest and most essential retailers sought a solution to keep their employees safe as the pandemic began. Employees were working mandatory overtime in both stores and distribution centers, and the leadership wanted independent help to ensure the safest possible working environment. They were seeking a partner to help them craft and implement that solution.

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  • Symptom screening, examinations and follow-up
  • Proactive response to any outbreaks
  • Consistent monitoring
Clinical Sites
onsite clinical visits completed


We're helping more than 680,000 employees return to work safely in the United States.


In just a few short weeks we've carried out over 60,000 COVID-19 tests.


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