A breakthrough in comprehensive, flexible care delivery models

A breakthrough in comprehensive, flexible care delivery models

The pandemic led us to rethink how we care for the total health of your employees. See what it means for the future of affordable healthcare and increased productivity.

Optimize your health services

We take an all-in-one approach to healthcare—bringing together primary, preventive, urgent and occupational care into one program along with our wholly-owned clinical laboratory.

Boost employee engagement

Our multi-modal engagement model puts your employees’ experience and satisfaction first to optimize utilization that results in better health outcomes.

Accelerate your return on investment

With a focus on improving healthcare costs, our Mobile Health Clinics enable rapid deployment of health services at a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar clinics.

Tailor the care you need

No two workplaces or employee populations are the same. We offer flexible, tailored solutions via onsite clinical support, Mobile Health Clinics and telehealth that meet your team’s unique needs.

Our comprehensive approach:

Our comprehensive approach:

All-in-One Worksite Health Solution

Matrix takes a holistic approach to care – bringing together primary, preventive, urgent and occupational care in one program along with our wholly-owned and vertically integrated clinical lab. We operate on the principle of delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, by the right professionals. This flexible care model allows us to rapidly deploy and scale clinical and infrastructure assets to meet immediate and long-term care needs via on-site, mobile and telehealth capabilities. And for over 20 years, we have cultivated deep expertise serving diverse and underserved populations. 

  • Primary care
  • Preventive care
  • Urgent care
  • Occupational health
  • Vertically integrated laboratory

Better Employee Engagement

Matrix employs a multi-modal approach to engagement and care designed to focus on preventive care, care navigation and employee behavior change to get ahead of potential health issues and avoid costly complications in the future. This optimizes health outcomes while increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Matrix clinicians and service professionals pride themselves on delivering an exceptional patient experience and building a collaborative relationship. Our customized engagement strategy takes into account program goals and we remain integrated with the workforce and with leadership to jointly drive engagement, adopting a coaching strategy to maximize impact.  

  • Matrix supports 47 languages to engage diverse employee groups
  • 98% satisfaction score among the Matrix health members we support
  • Collaborative engagement model maximizes impact

Speeding up the Return on Your Healthcare Investment

With a focus on improving healthcare costs, Matrix utilizes its fleet of Mobile Health Clinics to activate Worksite Health programs within weeks. Our approach allows you to quickly begin reducing medical costs and out-of-pocket network utilization by transitioning your employees to integrated preventive care models and a healthier lifestyle. Mobile Health Clinics can be rapidly deployed at a fraction of the implementation cost of traditional brick-and-mortar clinics and can provide a cost-effective method to reaching multiple worksites. Over the program duration, Matrix is able to provide reductions in total cost of care through our integrated delivery of preventive, primary and occupational health, as well as laboratory screening. 

  • 25-30% estimated savings in implementation when using Mobile Health Clinics
  • Activate Mobile Health Clinics in just weeks
  • Drive greater utilization – 35-50% across clinical programs

Flexible and Responsive to Your Changing Needs

Matrix assures smooth integration to existing programs and more paths to point of care. We recognize employers have made significant investments in existing programs, services and capabilities and require tailored offerings and flexible integration. Integration begins with understanding the employer objectives, priorities and current scope of services and partners. We then develop an integration roadmap to prioritize the highest value opportunities for both the employer and employee. Critical to the integration is a “closed loop” reporting structure to provide visibility on program engagement and utilization as well as ongoing support for the employee. Matrix’s on-demand access to care via on-site, mobile and telehealth with its flexible hours and staffing can fit the needs of each worksite. Matrix also supports referrals to local and national high-quality provider networks and care management programs, and provides longitudinal support to ensure follow-up with patients and adherence to care plans. 

  • Tailored integration roadmap
  • Flexible, on-demand access to care services
  • Supports referrals to provider networks and care management programs

Learn how Worksite Health can help drive better health outcomes, improve costs and increase productivity for your business

A Comprehensive Worksite Health Program Built on Decades of Clinical Expertise

Matrix is a leading clinical care provider with deep experience meeting the needs of diverse populations throughout our history. Since 2000, we’ve worked with millions of individuals to assess and manage health risks through our national network of approximately 5,000 clinicians and fleet of state-of-the-art Mobile Health Clinics, with a focus on underserved and difficult-to-reach populations. In the last year, Matrix has established 200+ clinics and deployed clinicians across the nation to assist Fortune 100 essential employers in maintaining business continuity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we’ve continued our partnership with employers by designing the next generation of worksite care. Matrix Worksite Health offers a transformational model of quality clinical care with a flexible approach that meets your individual needs.

Make the move toward improved employee health today

Upon partnership, our specialists work with your leadership team on a needs assessment and implementation plan to identify population-level health gaps and outline care goals. We use this collaborative model to tailor our offering based on your site and employee needs, identifying the types of clinics and clinical services that will bring the most value to your business. Throughout the process, Matrix handles all aspects of the program design and development, including health clinic operationalization, health plan and system integration and employee communications.